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27 May 2015


When Creditors Hurt Your Business or… Are creditors hurting your business? When a company owes you money and it appears there is little hope they will be able to pay you back, what are your options? Force them into receivership and pray you see some return? Today there is an alternative thanks to First Nexus Corporation, which has launched a new program that provides the lender with a true picture of a creditor’s position and an accurate assessment of the […]

26 May 2015

Plant the Seed

Plant Your Marketing Seeds Now for Spring I was talking to a landscaping client the day after another miserable snow storm in the GTA on March 3. “You must be looking forward to the warmer temperatures that are just around the corner,” I said. “That’s true, but did you hear the weather for tonight?” the landscaper replied. “Temperatures are plummeting again and we’ll be out salting and sanding – need to make things safe.” It meant putting off their marketing […]

25 May 2015

Get Mobile or Die

Get Mobile or Die: Google Google, the world’s #1 search engine, is forcing companies to make changes to their websites. As of April 21, Google’s new algorithm began discerning what websites are mobile-friendly. Those that are not will get lost in cyberspace. An increasing number of people are surfing the Internet on their mobile phones – 60% today. And more and more consumers are shopping on their smartphones. This trend means the stakes are high in capturing the online shopper. […]

24 May 2015

Crowd Funding

Where Many Businesses Fail I attended an equity crowdfunding seminar held April 22 by KoreConX, which is quickly becoming a major resource for Canadian companies wanting to raise money through crowdfunding. The audience was a mix of Exempt Market Dealers, business owners and professionals interested in learning more about this emerging trend. When I say emerging – it is in Canada. We are behind the U.S. and Europe, but it is presenting an interesting new method of raising money here at home.  […]