Our 7-Step Process

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Q4 Creative will identify a client’s ideal customer base and develop a campaign that best targets that demographic – everything from printed materials and direct mail to new-age thinking such as NFC, mobile marketing and social media.


  • Research the marketplace
  • Brand audit – how is our client positioned in the marketplace
  • Competition – who is competing for attention/what do they offer (The competition can have similar offering or have a different product/offering/technology but competing for the same dollars)


  • Cos tout collateral and each component of the 2 marketing campaign/strategy
  • Develop global budget with break down of every component or phase
  • Establish schedule–out lining production time, roll out and campaign duration


  • Thoroughly examine what we have learned/what we know
  • How can our client get the edge
  • What are all the possible opportunities available to our client
  • How would we position our client in the marketplace
  • How would we maximize our client’s product/offering/technology – i.e. what can it do and who would be interested


  • Develop a game plan for our client
  • Consider multiple phases – beginning with the most profitable – low-hanging fruit – and expand to opportunities that require more resources but promise attractive ROI
  • Identify opportunities and the best approach to generate maximum sales
  • Identify tools/collateral needed to generate sales and maximize ROI


  • Designmaterial/collateral
  • Developwebsite/printmaterials/etc.


  • Rollout campaign/test the market
  • Revisions if necessary based on rollout experience/market feedback
  • Generate awareness through effective media and consumer relations/ social media


  • Tracking analysis to gauge effectiveness of materials/website/campaign
  • Adjust and improve