Plant the Seed

Plant Your Marketing Seeds Now for Spring

I was talking to a landscaping client the day after another miserable snow storm in the GTA on March 3.

“You must be looking forward to the warmer temperatures that are just around the corner,” I said.

“That’s true, but did you hear the weather for tonight?” the landscaper replied. “Temperatures are plummeting again and we’ll be out salting and sanding – need to make things safe.”
It meant putting off their marketing strategy meeting for another week or more.

I called because we’ve generally sat down by early March to discuss the company’s marketing for the year. But, work gets in the way of planning.

It illustrates the challenge of finding time to actually plan for the future. And that, is a common problem. You know the saying – not planning is planning to fail.

While this client is far from a failure, they are also not seeing the growth in the business that they would like to have. Ideally we should have been meeting in November – in between seasons – to set out an action plan and budget. The work needn’t start right away, but we would have mapped out a timeline and been ready at the appropriate time – instead of playing catch-up.

With a business plan in hand, we could have put the marketing pieces in place while our client was busy with the winter work and we would be ready to launch new marketing initiatives when the time was right.

As it is, we won’t sit down until the weather clears and will have to adjust our strategies to get our desired results. And even then, we will have missed a prime window to advertise. Early planning can result in stronger, more effective campaigns that have greater impact because we control the timing.

The lesson – for landscapers or any business for that matter – is to plan ahead, prepare early and launch at the optimum time. The result will be more effective – more profitable.

There are a lot of moving pieces to a successful campaign – social media, ensuring you have a professional presence in the marketplace, the right messaging, direct mail, digital marketing, photography and maybe video.

If you haven’t started to plan yet, get going, and watch your business grow.

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