When Creditors Hurt Your Business or…

Are creditors hurting your business? When a company owes you money and it appears there is little hope they will be able to pay you back, what are your options? Force them into receivership and pray you see some return?

Today there is an alternative thanks to First Nexus Corporation, which has launched a new program that provides the lender with a true picture of a creditor’s position and an accurate assessment of the chances to see money recovered.

Unlike a Receiver, whose job is to assess available assets and oversee their liquidation, First Nexus examines the ailing business to see if there is a better option for a lender to recover their money.

Once a plan is in place First Nexus brings in the team at Q4 Communications to examine the effectiveness of the marketing and existence of sales – current and potential. Revenues determine the likelihood of turning the company around or, at the very least, maximize the return for the lender.

Strategies include streamlining operations, arranging financing if this will lead to increased sales, work with the sales staff and even provide training if it will help them close sales faster, ramp up marketing efforts if it will lead to higher sales, negotiate with landlords and banks to ensure the doors stay open as we turn the company around or maximize it revenues.

Not only is this option less expensive than hiring a receiver, the expertise of First Nexus and Q4 ensures every opportunity is explored and implemented to keep the creditor operational and making money.

For companies that recognize their plight and wish to take their own initiative to turn their business around – First Nexus can certainly help. With its access to financing and expertise in turnaround situations and transition of ownership, First Nexus is helping companies make the best decisions for their future.

First Nexus is very selective about the cases it will take on, and for that reason, has been working through word of mouth rather than promoting general awareness.

If you are a lender or a struggling company and wish to learn more, simply contact us and we will set up a complimentary exploratory session.

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